Our CBD oil 4 % 1001 Herbes, is one of the most powerful and pure CBD oils on the market. It is made from the best hemp grown in Europe and does not contain any chemicals or additives.


Cibdol's CBD oils are available in different concentrations, allowing consumers to dose CBD according to their personal needs. Cibdol's 4% CBD oil delivers an average CBD power, making it a balanced choice between our 4% and 10% CBD oils.

How to use CBD Cibdol natural oil 4 %?

Dosing oil with CBD is easy and hassle-free thanks to our ingenious dropper bottle design. The recommended dosage for CBD 4 % oil is 3 to 4 drops, up to three times a day. Since it will not cause you to experience psychoactive effects and there are no side effects, you can take it at any time during the day without any problems.

Our CBD oils are 100% natural and should be stored in a cool, dark and dark place away from light. After opening your bottle, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator.


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