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Zemadol is a Class 1 medical device in the form of a solid cream specially designed to help recover dry and irritated skin due to atypical dermatitis (eczema). What makes Zemadol only effective are the liposomes. This technology allows Zemadol to deliver CBD in unaltered form to the cells in higher concentrations. 


Eczema differs from psoriasis in that it is caused by skin irritants, such as detergents, or allergic reactions to dust, food and other allergens. This more general inflammatory pattern shows that eczema (also called eczema) has similarities to asthma, both as an inflammatory disease and as an autoimmune disease.

Key Ingredients

The active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which supports the skin with a polysaccharide cover layer that soothes and calms irritated skin. This effect is reinforced by extracts of the plant Cannabis sativa containing high levels of cannabidiol. Its carefully crafted formula protects the affected areas of the skin from the many triggers that aggravate the symptoms of eczema

Liposomal efficiency

Liposomes are used in modern medicine, but they are just as important in skin care. Since there are many layers of the human epidermis, liposomes provide greater coverage of affected areas, both at the surface and at a deeper level.

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