Savon de Marseille au CBD 100g

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Traditional Marseille soap with CBD 

100 g 

Perfume: Verbena-Lemon


Savon de Marseille is a type of soap resulting from the saponification of a mixture of oils, usually vegetable, with baking soda. Particularly effective due to its cleaning power, this product used for body hygiene can be manufactured in an industrial or artisanal way. 

At 1001 Herbes we offer you Savon de Marseille at the CBD, why ? 

We already know from studies on the subject that CBDA and human skin work very well together. When CBD molecules come into contact with human skin, the nerve endings of the skin are stimulated, resulting in cell regeneration. 

The use of 1001 Herbs soap in CBD is not only effective for hygiene but also for the beauty of the skin. 

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